Apple Vacations seeks flights to Caribbean

Apple vacationApple Vacations wants to add Dominican Republic flights and vacation packages from Chicago Rockford International Airport this winter.


Cuba: Seas to Rise More Than 30 Inches by 2100

rising seasCuban scientists calculate that median sea levels around the Caribbean nation will rise more than 30 inches by the end of the century due to global climate change, official media said Friday.

Models predict the sea will rise 10.6 inches (27 centimeters) by 2050, and 33.5 inches (85 centimeters) by 2100, Abel Centella, scientific director of the country’s Meteorological Institute, was quoted by Communist Party daily Granma as saying.

There were no details of what preparations the island is undertaking, but Granma said scientists are closely monitoring sea levels.

Government scientist Marcelino Hernandez warned of the need to protect environments that can mitigate the effects of sea encroachment.

"Right now it is urgent to preserve mangroves, coral reefs, sea grass and sand beaches," Hernandez was quoted as saying. "Each of these ecosystems is a natural barrier to defend the coasts from the impact of climate change. If they deteriorate, the consequences will be worse."

International scientific studies have projected sea levels will rise between 30 and 75 inches (190 centimeters) by the end of the century, fed by melting glaciers and ice caps.

The rises will not be uniform worldwide due to currents, winds and other factors.

UK court rules school’s "gang braids" ban racist

cornrowA school’s decision to ban some hairstyles it says have become associated with gang culture has resulted in "unlawful, indirect racial discrimination which is not justified," a British court ruled on Friday.

Mother and child shot dead, another child in critical condition at hospital

gunA 35 year old mother and her two year old daughter is dead, and another son in critical condition at hospital.

A Member of Movado Entourage who was shot by police has died

MovadoA member of dancehall deejay Mavado’s entourage who was shot by a cop at the entrance to the Quad night club in New Kingston has succumbed to his injuries in hospital.

Guyanese American Eagle flight Attendant used false ID to get job in the US

jophan porterAn American Eagle flight attendant was arrested yesterday accused of stealing another man’s identity to fly around the world, Miami-Dade police said.

Jophan Porter, 38, is charged with identity fraud and is currently in Miami-Dade County jail.

50 Cent Linked To Moammar Gadhafi, Donates Money To Unicef

50cent-1Rapper/actor 50 Cent is the latest celebrity forced to give back money given to him by embattled Libyan Leader Moammar Gadhafi.

Mariah Carey, Beyonce and Usher are among celebrities who were pressured to give back millions of dollars paid to them by the dictator in light of the ongoing Libya uprising.